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If you would like to make a donation

From the day of its inception until now, the Life Center for a New Tomorrow has expanded fully on its own steam.  We didn't have any starting capital. We didn't have any large sum of money to build the Center into a fancy five stars facility.

The owner started and expanded the Center with what he had on hand.  Some of the income since then has been used to pay for operations and some for expanding from one facility to several.  This method has been very workable but has made for a somewhat slower progress.

The owner, Marc, built the cabins himself  He had to work out the details of a somewhat complicated system of water/electric/sewage etc. because of the locations of the facilities.  We are isolated and away from the city's main utility lines and in a secluded, hilly/mountainous area.

We have made a lot of progress but there is still a lot to do to and a lot of people to help.  But, we now have a history, a track record of successes and expertise and we can now expand even more and faster in order to accommodate the ever increasing need for our services.

We have many projects under way.  There are more cabins to be built, more systems to work out, landscaping to complete,  trails to build in the woods, recreation hall to complete, a gym, etc.

The list of improvements goes on and ultimately, the ideal scene is to build an ideal hospital from the ground up.  A hospital that will have all the facilities needed to take care of any type of cases.  That is needed in order to have a full alternative to the currently non workable and abusive psychiatric "treatments" with drugs, etc.  The hospital for the rougher case and a cheaper for the client long term care facility for the milder cases.  These are the plans.

For now we save everyone we can with the dedicated staff, adequate facilities and workable technology that we have.  You are welcome to contact us for more information about what we do.  And today we would appreciate any donation of any size to help us accomplish more, faster.  With your help we will expand and improve "our safe place" for anyone in any condition to recover in. 

Please help with a donation if you can.

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