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Reporting abuse by psychiatrists.


Here's a hot tip about a useful tool for anyone that might have been
or knows anyone who may have been abused in any way by a psych with  harmful prescriptions or whatever.

A couple of years ago a very wise California gentleman pointed out that
law enforcement agencies had online forms that could be used to report
crimes. Some very exciting news today is that this same type of form is available to report the crimes committed by the psychiatric industry.
Why is this so important? We know that state licensing agencies take no
action until a complaint is dropped in their laps. State agencies will
investigate after receiving a complaint though.  And states can then take
action if the complaint is substantiated. 
So, the more complaints are filed, the more stories get published, the
more people become aware that they are not the only one being
victimized, more complaints are filed, etc., etc., etc., faster and faster, and
broader and broader.  So there you go.  A great tool to help you or your
family, friends or whoever to have a way to help end the abuses.
A group called Psych Search let us know about this form and we wanted to pass it on to you. You can find out more about that groups activities by
clicking on and watching the video.
Marc Vallieres