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          My son became violent and out of control after taking some unknown designer drug. For a long time I was trying to help my son recover from that experience. I refuse to let him in the hand of psychiatrists as all they would have done is give him more drugs which would have turned him into a zombie. My son would destroy any apartment or motel room I would rent for him. I had no place to put him. I found out about Marc Vallieres' place and asked him if he could help me. Marc went out of his way to accommodate my son. He calmed down quiet a bit. My son began to show marked improvement. He stopped being violent and has not been for months. He has begun to help Marc around the property. He is also cleaning his cabin regularly. He still needs to learn to take showers on his own and he is not ready to function in society. Without the help that Marc provided, I would have lost my son. It is imperative that Marc's activities be allowed to continue. Psychiatric treatments do not work and the alternative Marc provides is very much needed. JZ

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         Our daughter took crystal meth for two years. This completely destroyed her life. We wanted to help her but we were very reluctant to send her to a psychiatrist as it would mean more drugs and from the data we gathered, those drugs could have made the situation worse. We knew that Marc Vallieres had a ranch in Tennessee which would sometimes take care of people in trouble. We asked Marc if he could take care of our daughter by providing a safe environment away from large cities where she could stay. When she lived in the city, she would become involved in drugs and would end up being around people who would abuse her, endanger her and add to her misery. Since she has been with Marc she had improved tremendously. She used to cry every day, she doesn't anymore. She used to break things around the house. Now, not only is she not doing that, but she helps with house cleaning, cooking and taking care of the animals. She has not touched any drugs or alcohol since she's been there, almost a year now. We can't thank Marc enough for what he has done. He has shown incredible care and dedication in helping our daughter; despite the difficulties this causes him and his family. We have found no other place in the United States willing or able to do what Marc is doing. Marc is the only hope we have for our daughter. He needs to be helped in his endeavor. KM

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        My wife and I want to thank you and your team for all the help you gave us during that very difficult time for us. It has been a long time since we were up there and I thought you might like a little update on how it is going now. She is still a bit weak physically and has to be careful not to over do it with exertion, but emotionally she is now back to her wonderful self again. PT

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To Whom it may concern
I am writing this letter to thank The Life Center for a New Tomorrow for giving my
brother a new chance at life.
My brother had recently had some back surgery, and after the surgery he was put on
several different types of medication or painkillers in addition to his regular painkiller.
He had an adverse reaction to this painkiller cocktail and became quite mentally unstable.
He was in Georgia at the time. It was very disturbing for the family to see him in this
condition, but we suspected that it was just a matter of getting him into a safe
environment where his mental instability could be professionally handled and where,
under supervision, he could be taken off the painkillers on a gradient basis. We
researched for such a place and the ONLY place we could find that offered this service
was The Life Center for a New Tomorrow and it was based in Tennessee. It was a facility
with a natural, compassionate, drug free and proven workable approach to treating people who were mentally unstable.  After speaking with them it was apparent that their approach to handling my brother's condition was in alignment with the family wishes so we booked him into the Center. However before we could transport him to the Center, and against our wishes, the State of Georgia had him hospitalized and placed under psychiatric care for treatment and evaluation. We were against this approach because we suspected that it would mean that he would be given more medications, and because it was apparently the medication cocktail that had brought about his unstable condition in the first place. We felt giving him more medication was the wrong thing to do. Our fears were soon realized because under the direction of the resident Psychiatrist he was given 3 additional medications in combination which was exactly what we did not want to happen. He needed to come off the medications, not be given more of them These medications were administered to my brother without the approval of the family and without any pathology testing being done, nor for that matter were any other kinds of testing done. This arbitrary approach and liberal administration of additional and powerful medications seems to be the standard approach of Psychiatrists, and it was very worrisome to the family. We had a family member at bedside the whole time so we were closely monitoring the events and treatments. The additional medications did not result in any improvements in our brother, he remained heavily medicated and was still very disturbed.
After 3 days we managed to convince the Hospital that our brother should be released
into our care as we had him booked into the Life Center for a New Tomorrow. After
inspecting the credential of the Center they finally agreed and we immediately
transported him to Tennessee.
After 3 weeks at the Life Center for a new Tomorrow, he had completely stabilized and
was totally off all medications, including the painkiller medication that he had been on
for 10 years previous.. Needless to say both he and we were elated, he could now move
on with the rest of his life. We are extremely grateful for the alternative and workable
service that is offered by the Life Center for a New Tomorrow (LCFNT), I dread to think
where my brother would be now if it was not for them.
The cost of the Hospital expenses were covered by insurance, but not so the expenses at
the LCFNT. We were fortunate in that the family group was able to pool financial
resources to cover these non covered expenses, so it was not a major financial burden on
any one person. However I can imagine that many others who would like to avail them
selves of the effective services of the LCFNT would not be able to afford the service,
even though the cost is very reasonable.
Ironically, after the final billings came in for the 2 services, Psychiatric care verses,
LCFNT, the bills for 3 days at the hospital, receiving psychiatric care, came to over
$10,000 with no or worsening results, and the bill for the LCFNT for 3 weeks of
treatment came to $6000, with better than expected results. The LCFNT, in my opinion,
should be granted Medicaid status so that those people who are economically less
fortunate and find themselves in a similar situation, can have the option of using this
service as an alternative to the traditional psychiatric route.
Once again I thank you for being there and I thank you for your help and stellar results.